Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I Have No Excuse

1950 Singer 201-2

Commissioned June 13, 1950

Serial Number AJ704083

13037 of 25000

Every time I find myself rescuing another vintage sewing machine, I always say… “I can justify this one because it’s so…unique, or well designed, or an antique, or has a great cabinet, or it will be orphaned, or I don't have one like this, or, or, or something!”

Well today the justifying excuse was “It’s a Singer 201! - renowned among Singer enthusists as the best Singer Machine ever produced!” This little baby even had the little potted motor on the back, an AJ serial number with an Elizabeth, New Jersey linage, and a birthdate of 1950. No attachments, but I only paid $25.

I clearly have a problem. I don’t know where I’ll put this one. I don’t need another Straight Stitcher!!!! I can’t justify the sewing I do on the ones I already have, much less another one. This one also came in a cabinet - something else I don’t need. All the same, I feel so blessed to be the new owner of this sweet treasure.

Monday, April 25, 2011

1908 Singer 66 w/ Lotus Decals

Another buy at the Auction House, but this time, it's an Antique - the first in my collection of otherwise vintage sewing machines. 1908 Singer 66 w/ Lotus Decals

Commissioned #4553 of 15000

August 11, 1908

Elizabeth, NJ

Paid $30

I'm not holding my breath on how valuable it is - after all, it is not museum piece - but for 103 years old, I think she's holding up pretty well. She was obviously used extensively before being retired to a barn or basement. Her bed decals are rather worn, but face looks pretty good.

This model still bears the rear mounting presser foot bar. She didn't come with any feet other than the straight stitch foot, and it appears her Westinghouse motor was added to "electrolize" her at some later date. What is still intact is her spoked wheel and I'm considering making her a handcrank.
Her portable cabinet is really old, though, I'm not sure if it is an original. It would require some work to get it in shape, also.
For now, she has to be cleaned up, so I'll post photos of her complete redo.

Singer 99

Why do I have this attraction to sewing machines that no one else wants? The only reason I can give is "They are so cute!", and they sew like a dream!

1927 Singer 99

Commissioned 3494 of 15,000

August 29, 1927

Elizabeth, NJ

Serial Number AB793120

Here is my latest rescue from the auction house. A Singer 99 Straight Stitch Sewing Machine that no one else wanted. I paid all of $5.00 (Plus 10 % buyers premium and 6% MD State Sales Tax!) What a great buy! The first Singer 99 I was offered would have cost me $40!!!

This little sweetie has been cleaned up, although I'm not sure why there appears to be a film on the paint. She has had a kerosene bath, a good oiling, the motor reinstalled and the decreped controller/plug assembly rewired.

It needs a place in the basement so I can use her. She doesn't have a reverse lever, but she is precious. I can't wait to give her a workout!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Fashion Mate 237 Singer Sewing Machine

Another frugal find at the thrift store. Haven't sewn with it yet, but rumor has it that this particular model has the greatest satin stitch ever. Just $3.00. Couldn't believe it!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Mystery Chain Stitch slide/cover Plate

Front of the Needle sewing plate. Notice the indetion at the center section between the feed dog slits.

This is the backside - no markings or parts numbers on this whatsoever.

Notice the indention at the curved portion of the plate. It appears this "crescent" holds down the plate while the full circle holes stablize it from shifting latterally. The placement of the holes is identical to the Brother machines I know about, except for the orientation of the feed dog slits to the straight side.

Frontal shot of the bobbin mechanism. Notice the "12 o'clock" placement of the stem.

Back side of the bobbin case. It's hollow between the black plastic back and the metal front.

Side view of the bobbin case

Side view again of the bobbin.

Can anyone identify the machine make and model for this chain stitch attachment I found? It doesn't fit any of my machines, but perhaps I could locate one to match it if I knew what machine it belonged to...

Monday, July 12, 2010

Hello. My name is Carol and I'm a Machine-a-holic.

There are groups for people like me - yes? Oh, yeah, I've already joined them! Let's see - the worst enablers are those Vintage Sewing Machine Folks over at Ravelry! Here's another example of their excellent work.

Shown with all the accessories/feet and the original manual. The previous owner even left a name tag in one of the drawers.

What a great cabinet - it alone was worth the $20 cash.

Look at all that space - at least 6'-0" of horizontal layout/sewing real estate! Love it!

Let's see... 6' X 1.5' = 9.0 sq. ft. divided into $20 total price = $2.22 per sq. ft.!!!

Full frontal shot - after a baby wipe bath and a fresh oiling. A Brother Select-O-Matic. The English version of the machine manual has a copyright date of 1956. (There was also the Japanese edition of the manual.) The paint job looks more like a 1960's automobile.

I was sucked into buying another machine at my local thrift store just for the cabinet. Not for the machine, mind you...I'm in complete denial here - it wasn't my fault.... there was a threat to take it to the landfill! Sacrilege!!! I bought this one just for the cabinet for$20. You see, I was told the machine didn't work properly. Reportedly, it would run continuously when plugged in and I couldn't turn one of the knobs. So, just for kicks, I plugged it in at my house - pushed the knee lever , and the sew light clicked on. On. Off. On. Off. Hmm. "I wonder what will happen if I just switch the plugs into the controller?" That is just what I did - switched the plugs and...Voila! The machine works beautifully, and the knob I couldn't turn manually started turning itself! It was a result of the stitch settings. 4 knob settings are required to create all the stitches. Very Cool.

In case you can't tell from the background in the picture, I also have a vintage bicycle problem. I haven't joined that group, ... yet.

P. S. BTW, can anyone tell me what you use this foot for?

Friday, April 9, 2010

An Orphan Rescued

Here are photos of the lovely little sewing machine I acquired from the auction house. I didn't bid on it, but the buyer who did orphaned it for a long enough time that the auctioneer said - "Take It!" So, the little freebie in the solid wood cabinet is mine. I need to lemon oil it, yet, but I did get it cleaned using wood cleaner. For the sewing machine, I just used baby wipes for now. Need's to be oiled before plugging it in. Even the wiring is quite good - something I look at closely now that I've had to re-wire a vintage machine. - another story altogether.

According to the serial number, It's a Singer 66.