Thursday, August 26, 2010

Mystery Chain Stitch slide/cover Plate

Front of the Needle sewing plate. Notice the indetion at the center section between the feed dog slits.

This is the backside - no markings or parts numbers on this whatsoever.

Notice the indention at the curved portion of the plate. It appears this "crescent" holds down the plate while the full circle holes stablize it from shifting latterally. The placement of the holes is identical to the Brother machines I know about, except for the orientation of the feed dog slits to the straight side.

Frontal shot of the bobbin mechanism. Notice the "12 o'clock" placement of the stem.

Back side of the bobbin case. It's hollow between the black plastic back and the metal front.

Side view of the bobbin case

Side view again of the bobbin.

Can anyone identify the machine make and model for this chain stitch attachment I found? It doesn't fit any of my machines, but perhaps I could locate one to match it if I knew what machine it belonged to...


Kathi said...

Have you tried a White Rotary?

Bernadette said...

I've just bought one of these - did you ever find out which machine they fit?
It's not White Rotary although the bobbin design is similar, these throat plates are for a forward facing bobbin cover