Monday, April 25, 2011

Singer 99

Why do I have this attraction to sewing machines that no one else wants? The only reason I can give is "They are so cute!", and they sew like a dream!

1927 Singer 99

Commissioned 3494 of 15,000

August 29, 1927

Elizabeth, NJ

Serial Number AB793120

Here is my latest rescue from the auction house. A Singer 99 Straight Stitch Sewing Machine that no one else wanted. I paid all of $5.00 (Plus 10 % buyers premium and 6% MD State Sales Tax!) What a great buy! The first Singer 99 I was offered would have cost me $40!!!

This little sweetie has been cleaned up, although I'm not sure why there appears to be a film on the paint. She has had a kerosene bath, a good oiling, the motor reinstalled and the decreped controller/plug assembly rewired.

It needs a place in the basement so I can use her. She doesn't have a reverse lever, but she is precious. I can't wait to give her a workout!

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