Monday, April 25, 2011

1908 Singer 66 w/ Lotus Decals

Another buy at the Auction House, but this time, it's an Antique - the first in my collection of otherwise vintage sewing machines. 1908 Singer 66 w/ Lotus Decals

Commissioned #4553 of 15000

August 11, 1908

Elizabeth, NJ

Paid $30

I'm not holding my breath on how valuable it is - after all, it is not museum piece - but for 103 years old, I think she's holding up pretty well. She was obviously used extensively before being retired to a barn or basement. Her bed decals are rather worn, but face looks pretty good.

This model still bears the rear mounting presser foot bar. She didn't come with any feet other than the straight stitch foot, and it appears her Westinghouse motor was added to "electrolize" her at some later date. What is still intact is her spoked wheel and I'm considering making her a handcrank.
Her portable cabinet is really old, though, I'm not sure if it is an original. It would require some work to get it in shape, also.
For now, she has to be cleaned up, so I'll post photos of her complete redo.

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