Saturday, June 14, 2008

Khaki Cables

This beautiful cardigan sweater pattern was published in Winter '06 Knitters Magazine. The yarn is Williamstown by Valley Yarns and distributed by Webs. I found it at Stitches East in Baltimore in November '07. I don't know if the multicolored tweed flecks are visible on the photo, but it is really turning out to be a better choice of yarn than the original Karabella Aurora8 the pattern called for.

The pattern is an easy repeat for the "rope cables" because when the "stag horn" cables are complete every 16 rows, then it is time to do the cable row for the rope pattern.

I have now finished knitting all the pieces and need to block it and stitch it together. Then there is a "front neck band" that is knitted once the fronts are stitched to the back at the shoulders, then a unique frog closure is attached to the fronts.

Stitching all the pieces together continues to be my least favorite thing to do second only to spacing buttonholes. At least this time, I won't have to do the buttonholes.

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