Saturday, June 7, 2008

Getting Started

Just like any other great idea, I've ever known (or had) getting it started can be the hardest thing I do. I've admired other's knitting blogs for awhile now, thinking how beautiful their knitted works of art are; considering their values; and wondering if I was the only knitter in the world that did not have a cat or dog.

If I am that rare - but - avid- knitter that comes from the old school before cyber space drew us all into a global community, I still want to be part of the blogging and knitting group. I'm not a writter, but if ever there was a subject I love to discuss, it's knitting! I can talk about it all day - how relaxing I find it to be, how a great pattern can turn me into a late night knitaholic, how dollar store yarn can be turned into a beautiful work of art at a fraction of the cost, how a thrift store stash of someone's cast offs can be transformed into my next fabulous piece!

Well, there it is. My passion is knitting! I love it - maybe too much! Maybe you do too and want to know how it can be possible for you with the Local Yarn Shop yarn going for $6.00 + per skein. There's lots you can knit without ever going there. Come join me as we explore the frugal knitting options.

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